Republican Daughter Unitary Enterprise
«Fish Industry Institute»

Laboratory of Fish Disease

Head of the Laboratory

Ph.D. in Biological


Svetlana Degtyarik

tel. +375 17 365 83 52


 Leading Researcher

Ph.D. in Agricultural

sciences Galina  



Senior Researcher 





Senior Researcher 



Research Assistant

Eugenia Maksimyuk


Alexey Bespalyi

 The main directions of еру scientific research

Study of the epizootic situation in the natural reservoirs and fish breeding organizations of the republic.

Development of accelerated methods for diagnosing fish diseases of various etiologies.

Development of environmentally friendly means of prevention and treatment of fish diseases.

Conduction of toxicological studies of pesticides imported into the republic.

Studying the medicinal properties of raw materials of plant origin for the purpose of introducing phytocomponents into the composition of therapeutic mixed fish feeds.

 Future research directions

Diagnosis of fish diseases at the modern level with the use of new instruments and techniques, which will allow an accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment in the shortest possible time, avoiding serious material damage.The replacement of chemical means for the prevention and treatment of fish diseases by biological (vaccines, probiotics, phytoncides, antagonist organisms, etc.) with the goal of greening the production of fish products.